Use WorldPay payment processor

When you have chosen WorldPay as a payment method's payment processor in Create payment methods, you should configure and run a successful test before you move to a live configuration.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you configured properly all settings for WorldPay integration setup. For details, see the official WorldPay Installation administration documentation.

Setting up a test configuration

  1. Apply for a WorldPay account ( Once your application is approved and your account is activated, you have a username and password, and you obtain a WorldPay Installation ID and an MD5 secret.
  2. On the Create a payment method page, select the Mode: Test option.
  3. In Gateway URL, enter
  4. In WorldPay Installation ID, enter the ID you obtained at WorldPay registration.
  5. In Payment response password,  enter your Payment response password. Make sure you comply with all requirements listed below, otherwise your order statuses will not be updated and be held as “Pending”.
  6. In MD5 secret, enter your MD5 secret input field.
  7. In Timeout, enter 30000.
  8. In Payment type, select either Full authorization or Full authorizationPre-authorization
  9. Clear the option This payment method is active.
  10. Click Create this payment method.

After you have tested WorldPay and are ready to move your website into production, configure WorldPay to work in live mode, as follows:

  1. Select Mode: Live Mode.
  2. Change the Gateway URL to
  3. Click Save changes.
  4. Use your WorldPay username and password to connect to the WorldPay administration console, and then configure your live environment.

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