Use FedEx as shipping carrier

When you are registered with FedEx, customers can use their services as they are checking out of your store. FedEx will display the shipping methods available for the purchased goods and the customer-specified shipping address.

To configure FedEx as a shipping method, perform the following:

  1. Register at by clicking Register Now link.
  2. Fill out the Login Registration form.
  3. When the registration is completed your Developer Test Key appears.
    Copy and save the key.
  4. You will receive and e-mail from FedEx containing the following:
    • Test Password
    • Test Account Number
    • Test Meter Number
    • Test URL
  5. In the main menu, click Administration » Settings.
    The Basic Settings page opens.
  6. Click Advanced link.
    The Settings page opens.
  7. Click Shipping » ShippingCarrierProviders » FedEx.
    The FedEx settings appear.
  8. In Url, enter the Test URL.
  9. In Password, enter the Test Password.
  10. In LicenseKey, enter the Developer Test Key.
  11. In MeterID, enter the Test Meter Number.
  12. In AccountNumber, enter Test Account Number.
  13. Select IsActive checkbox.
  14. Click Save changes.
    The FedEx is configured in test mode. When a user checks out the cart, relevant FedEx shipping services will appear.
  15. After you finished testing your ecommerce and want to move your website to production, you must obtain your Production Key from FedEx.
    For more information about obtaining you Production Key, follow the instructions in the FedEx e-mail, you have received.
  16. After you completed your Production Key registration, you will receive an e-mail from FedEx containing the following:
    • Password
    • Account Number
    • Meter Number
    • URL
  17. Perform Step 7 to Step 14 again, entering the new values you have received.
    The FedEx is configured in live mode.

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