Sort box directive

You use the sfSortBox directive when you create custom designers for your widgets. This directive provides functionality for displaying sort options.

To add the sort box directive, perform the following:

  1. Sitefinity CMS automatically registers the scripts you need and, if no other designer view with explicitly set priority exists, Sitefinity CMS sets your designer view priority 1. In case you need to have full control over the scripts that are loaded or you want to set custom priority, you can alternatively create your own DesignerView.YourView.json file. If you have a JSON file that matches the convention (even if empty), this automatic scripts registration will not occur. In the DesignerView.YourView.json file, add a scripts array.
    Use the following code:
  2. In the designerview-yourview.js file, place the following code:

    The code above assigns an array of custom sort options to the scoped variable sortItems. This adds two choice options to the sort box with values rating and views, respectively. When selected, the value of the choice option is bound to the scope variable sortValue.

  3. In the DesignerView.YourView.cshtml file, place the following tag where you want to render the sfSortBox directive: The sfSortBox directive exposes the following attributes:
    • sf-sort-options
      Accepts an array with sort options. If no value is provided for this attribute, the sfSortBox directive uses the default sort options:
      • Last created first - DateCreated DESC
      • Last modified first - LastModified DESC
      • Title (A-Z) - Title ASC
      • Title (Z-A) - Title DESC
    • sf-model
      Accepts a scope variable that references the selected sort option value.

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