Client components

Sitefinity CMS provides an assortment of built-in, reusable client components you can use on widget designers' frontend. Client components allow flexible widget designer implementation that reflect various requirements of the UI of widget designers, for example, having a search box or a date and time picker.

The following types of client components are available out-of-the-box:

Component Description
Selectors  Components that allow single and multiple selection of content items.
Examples: Page selector, Event selector, News selector, and so on.
For more information, see Selectors.
Fields  Examples: HTML field (rich text), Media field (combines selectors). Media field is used for images, videos and documents. In addition, the Image field provides more frontend functionality on top of the Media field.
For more information, see Fields.
Custom components 

Built-in components that provide additional frontend functionality for widget designers.
Examples: Code areaInfinite scrollTree view, and others.
For more information, see Custom components.

You use client components in the widget designer views either as an HTML element attribute, or as an HTML element. However, just adding components in the view is not enough. You also need to specify the dependency in the widget designer JSON config file, as well as in the widget controller.

The following example demonstrates how to use the Event selector in the Simple view of a widget designer. You have the following widget designer files:

  • DesignerView.Simple.cshtml - represents the designer view, located in the Views folder
  • DesignerView.Simple.json - represents the designer configuration, located in the Views folder
  • designerview-simple.js - represents the designer controller, located in the Scripts folder

To use the Event selector, you need to have the following code in the respective files, listed above:


<sf-list-selector sf-event-selector sf-selected-item-id="properties.SelectedItemId.PropertyValue"></sf-list-selector>



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