Search widget advanced options

Options per specific Search widget

To set advanced options for Sitefinity's Search widget, in page-editing mode, click Edit » Advanced.
You can modify the following settings:
  • DisableSuggestions
    If you enter true, Sitefinity CMS disables listed suggestions while typing in the search box.
  • SuggestionFields
    Lists the fields to be used in the search suggestions. You must also include these fields in the search index.

Global options for Search widgets

To set global options for Search widgets, navigate to Administration » Advanced » Search. You can modify the following settings:
  • Enable filtering search results by view permissions
    If you select this checkbox, the search results list only content, for which the current user has View permission.
  • Index buffer capacity
    Sets the capacity of the search index buffer. When the buffer gets full, it is automatically flushed.
  • Index buffer flush interval
    Sets the interval for flushing the search index buffer in milliseconds.
  • Maximum suggestions count
    The maximum number of suggestions that will be displayed while searching.
  • Maximum suggestion length
    The maximum length of a single suggestion.
  • Minimum suggest length
    The minimum length required for the widget to start suggesting.
  • Enable exact match
    When enabled, the search results are enabled only for exact words match. Otherwise, the search results match the beginning of the searched string.

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