Error logging with ELMAH

By default, Sitefinity CMS uses the Enterprise Library to log information for the application. You can view the logging information in folder App_Data/Sitefinity/Logs. For more information about the Enterprise Library, see The Logging Application Block on the MSDN.

Instead of the default Sitefinity CMS logging, you can use Error Logging Modules and Handlers (ELMAH). ELMAH is a plug-in to the Enterprise Library. By including ELMAH as a plug-in to the Enterprise Library, you can benefit from the complex functionality and features of the Enterprise Library and also use the ELMAH user interface. The combination includes the following benefits:

  • Logs for all kinds of events and information, not just for error logging
    ELMAH logs the following:
    • ErrorLog
    • TraceLog
    • UpgradeTraceLog
    • Migration
    • Synchronization
    • MobileApplication
    • DAM
  • All exceptions are logged – including the ones that were thrown in background threads, not just during web request. Typical background thread tasks are scheduled publishing, site sync, mass mail notifications, and others.
  • Centralized exception logging – especially useful for NLB, where each web server logs in its own directory. 
    No text files are created , locked, etc.
  • Ability to send email notifications upon exception.
  • The ELMAH web UI is protected and it can be seen only by administrators.
  • Formatters for formatting the event messages
  • Log filters that allow filtering of log messages
  • True enterprise level exception handling framework, across layers, tiers, processes, and services, together with the Exception Handling Application Block.

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