You can use Sitefinity CMS Ecommerce module to track and manage the stock of every product, including its variations, and view report about the current inventory of your store.

You track the inventory of a product by first entering it for each product, then monitoring the inventory using a report.

You enter the initial quantity of the product when you create it. Afterwards, you keep the current stock by editing the products and entering the new quantity. The system automatically deducts the quantity when a product is ordered.

If a product has variations, such as size or color you can choose to keep track of each variation. You do this when you create or edit a variation.

You enter the quantity on Step 10 of Create products procedure.

You can also choose what to do if a product or its variation is out of stock.

Inventory report

You can see a report of the inventory of all products and their variations.

To do this, in the main menu click Ecommerce » Reports.

You see a list of all products and their available stock.

You can export the report in a .csv (Comma Separated Values) file.

To do this, click Export button in the toolbar. 

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