Conditional display and validation of properties


Each type can have properties assigned to it, such as NameAuthorRelated mediaParent, etc. You can show or hide these properties when a certain condition has been met. To do so you need a JSON value that defines the conditions for showing and validating a field, based on another field values. When you change the value of the target field (fieldName), the field that has the Conditional visibility and validation will be displayed or hidden and it will validate both in the UI and the server, based on this condition.


To define the conditions for visibility and validation, perform the following:

  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » WebServices » Routes. 
  2. Expand <your-route> » <your-service> » <your-type> » Property mappings.
  3. Provide the JSON input in the Conditional Display And Validation field.
  4. Click Save changes.



JSON schema



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