Application status page and continuous delivery

If you use Sitefinity CMS in continuous integration, testing, or delivery scenarios, you must modify your process. Because of the changes in the bootstrap of a Sitefinity CMS system, you may need to integrate a verification step that checks whether the system is up and running.

The bootstrap process of the system is done asynchronously and the application status page is being displayed while the system is still starting up. This means that page status code that is returned is 200, although Sitefinity CMS is in a process of starting up. This can break your integration tests and deployments, if you rely on successful response as a proof for a running Sitefinity CMS instance. 

To ensure that your Sitefinity CMS application is running you should periodically request /appstatus route during application start, while the route is available. This route returns the same status code as the application status page - 200. When this route becomes unavailable - it returns status code 404, it means your application is up and running.

Following are two implementations of this periodical check:

C# implementation

PowerShell script implementation

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