Configure Application cache

You can configure the behavior of the Sitefinity CMS Application Cache via changing the settings for the Cache Managers. The settings are available under the Sitefinity CMS advanced settings and allow for configuring the default cache managers or creating new ones. By configuring a cache manager, you are changing the caching behavior of the items this manager is responsible for. This allows for granular control over different sections of the Sitefinity CMS application cache.

Configure the default application cache managers

To configure the default cache managers, navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced »System and expand the Cache Managers section. Select one of the available items under Cache Managers to edit a cache manager configuration. You can configure the following properties for each cache manager:

  • PollWhetherItemsAreExpiredIntervalSeconds

    This property determines the expired cache items polling interval. By default, Sitefinity CMS check every 60 seconds for expired application cache items. To change this behavior, type the desired interval in seconds.

  • StartScavengingAfterItemCount

    When the web server running your Sitefinity runs low on memory resources, cache items are removed depending on their priority. This is called scavenging. The StartScavengingAfterItemCount property specifies the maximum number of items, stored in this manager application cache section, before adding a new item causes scavenging to take place.

  • WhenScavengingRemoveItemCount

    This setting specifies the number of cache items to be removed when scavenging takes place.

Create new application cache managers

To create and configure the new cache managers, navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced » System » Cache Managers. Click on the Create new button. The create cache manager dialog opens.

  1. Populate the cache manager Name property. It is used to resolve the application cache section that this manager is responsible for, when you want to specify in your custom code where to store the cache items.
  2. Follow the instructions for configuring application cache managers described in the first part of this article to configure the rest of the cache manager properties.

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