Create a date picker widget

Sitefinity CMS comes with a set of built-in controls, which can be directly used in the pages you create. You are also capable of creating your own controls and use them side by side with the default ones.

This tutorial guides you through the steps required to create a custom form control with a control designer. It is intended for developers and covers step-by-step a wide range of activities when creating a custom control. As an example, you create a date picker control that has its own custom designer. It defines a RadDatePicker control that is used by the user to choose a date. The custom designer of the form allows users to define a range that is automatically validated by the RadDatePicker built-in validation.

For more information about controls in Sitefinity CMS, see Overview: User and Custom widgets and Overview: Types of widgets.


To create and use the custom form control, you must have an up and running Sitefinity CMS project. For more information about installing Sitefinity CMS and creating and starting a project, see Install, upgrade, and deploy.

GITHUB EXAMPLE: You can download the sample DatePicker project from Sitefinity GitHub repository » DatePicker sample widget.     

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