Product variations

The products in the Ecommerce module can have variations. For example, if you have a T-Shirt as a product, you can have one and the same T-Shirt design in different sizes. In this case you can create a variations of the T-Shirt based on its size. To create variations based on the size, you must first create an attribute that represents the Size characteristic of the product and attribute values that represent the different sizes.

For more information about attributes, see the For developers: Product attributes section.

For more information about attribute values, see the For developers: Values of a product attribute section.

The variations are represented by the Telerik.Sitefinity.Ecommerce.Catalog.Model.ProductVariation class. The class exposes the following specific properties:

  • Id
    Gets or sets the unique ID of the variation.
  • Variant
    Gets or sets the attribute-value pair for the variation.
  • AdditionalPrice
    Gets or sets the additional price for the variation.
  • Sku
    Gets or sets the unique Stock keeping unit of the variation.
  • IsActive
    Indicates whether the variation is active.
  • ProductVariationDetail
    Represents a list that contains the detail of the variation. The detail contains information about the attribute and its value that are associated to the variation.
  • Parent
    Gets or sets the product that the variation belongs to.

For more information about the different actions involving variations, see the examples in the section below.

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