Forum posts

The posts are represented by the Telerik.Sitefinity.Forums.Model.ForumPost class. It exposes the following specific properties:

  • Content
    Gets or sets the content of the post. The content of the post can be formatted with HTML.
  • Forum
    Gets or sets the forum that the post is posted in.
  • IsFeatured
    Specifies whether the post is featured. For example, this property can be used to mark a post as answer.
  • IsMarkedSpam
    Specifies whether the post is marked as spam.
  • IsPublished
    Specifies whether the post is published. For example, you can use ti to implement a flow where a moderator must approve the post, before it appears in the thread.
  • ReplyToPost
    Gets or sets the post that the current post is a reply to. If you set this property, the ReplyToPostId is set automatically.
  • ReplyToPostId
    Gets or sets the ID of the post that the current post is a reply to. If you set this property, the ReplyToPost is set automatically.
  • Thread
    Gets or sets the thread that the post belongs to.
  • Title
    Gets or sets the title of the post.


The users can attach files to their posts. To do this the adding of attachments must be allowed by the forum and the user must be in the required role, if any is specified. For more information, see For developers: Forums.

For more information about attaching a file to a post, see For developers: Add attachments to forum posts.

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