Client binder controls

RECOMMENDATION: Instead of using client binder controls, we recommend using the New content editing experience (BETA).

This article contains information about the Client Binder Controls, which are built-in controls that could help you communicate with web services, and ultimately display information on your pages. This section contains:


Client binder controls are controls which ease and streamline the process of binding data exposed through Sitefinity CMS WCF services to graphical user interface. Client binder controls are declared declaratively as server side controls, however, they actually create client side components with a rich API.

For tasks that involve only one WCF service (as data source), client binders are capable of completely automating all CRUD operations. For more complex tasks, that involve working with multiple WCF services, client binders expose rich and powerful client side API that provides a lot of flexibility in terms of manipulating data.

Sitefinity CMS comes with several built-in client binder controls that provide rapid development of user interfaces that take advantage of the AJAX functionality. In addition to this, Sitefinity CMS also provides base classes (both on the server side and client side) for creating custom binders. 

In this topic we will explain and demonstrate how to use these controls to easily create fast and responsive user interfaces, explain the process of creating custom client binder controls and finally talk about approaches for more complex scenarios, such as binding to various services and implementing batch editors.

DISCLAIMER: For more information about client binder controls, refer to previous versions of Sitefinity CMS documentation at For developers: Client binder controls.

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