Bootstrapper Events

The Telerik.Sitefinity.Abstractions. Bootstrapper class is responsible for Sitefinity CMS initialization. The events exposed by Bootstrapper enable you to execute logic prior to the point when Sitefinity loads its UI (administrative and frontend) for users, thus giving you control over the state in which Sitefinity is served. Most common scenarios when using the Bootstrapper events include working with objects in the Unity container (ObjectFactory), registering custom routes, dialogs, and so on.


Bootstrapper exposes several public events. However, we recommend using the Bootstrapped event in most scenarios. The event is fired at the last stage of the bootstrapping process when the system has already initialized the Unity container, registered routes and modules, and finalized module upgrades (if any). For more information about Sitefinity startup process, see Sitefinity CMS startup process.

Following is an example demonstrating how to subscribe to the Bootstrapped event in Global.asax and replace one of the default types used by Sitefinity with a custom type via ObjectFactory:

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