Create a web service

You can create a web service, using the backend UI. 
To do this, perform the following:

Create the Service

A single route may have one or more services. A service is a group of exposed types.
To create a web service, perform the following: 

  1. In Sitefinity CMS backend, navigate to Administration » Web services.
  2. Click Create a web service.
  3. Enter a name for the web service.
    The Name property is the user-friendly name of the service.
  4. Define the URL via which the service will be accessible.
    Sitefinity CMS creates an auto-generated URL, based on the route URL and the name of the service.
    To change it, under URL name, click Change and enter a new URL. This way, you change property UrlName, which is the second segment in the URL that is used to build the full URL. 

    You can change the the first segment through the Advanced settings. For more information, see Web service routes.

  5. Define the Access permissions.
  6. Configure the Types of a service
  7. The web service is deactivated by default, if you want to activate it, select This service is active.
  8. Click Create this service.

In the advanced settings of the service, you can configure more settings, such as modifying the fields and the field properties of a type, configuring semantic queries, setting the lifecycle status of content items that are included in the service, adding and removing custom types from the service.
For more information, see Advanced configuration of types.

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