Activate a license

You activate a license on License Activation page. This page appears when you want to activate a new license via Sitefinity CMS administration, when your trial period has ended, when you update and start an older version of a project, when you open Sitefinity CMS GitHub samples. You can also view the page by navigating to Administration » Version & Licensing

The following screenshot displays the License Activation page:

Activate a license

The following sections describe the two options of how to activate a license.

Automatic activation

To activate you license automatically, select Use the email and password from your Telerik account radio button and perform the following:

  1. In the dropdown box, select the edition you want to use.

    NOTE: You must have purchased a license for the edition selected. For more information, contact Sitefinity CMS Sales department.

  2. Enter your email and password from your Sitefinity CMS account and click Activate License.
    The system automatically downloads and activates the license file from your Sitefinity CMS account.
    The Confirm license window appears where you click Continue.

Manual activation

You can also download and manually activate a license file, by uploading the license file directly. To activate a license manually, perform the following:

  1. Select Use a license file you have downloaded radio button.
    An input field appears.
  2. Click Browse, find the license file on your computer, and upload it.
  3. Click Activate License.

    NOTE: To upload the license file manually, you must have downloaded it from the Sitefinity CMS website and saved it on your computer. To do this, login with your account on Open Your Account and click Products and Subscriptions » Sitefinity CMS » Manage Domains and Licenses.


For more information about the initial installation of a license, see Create a project.

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