Query all pages of a translation

Native API

To get all pages in a particular language, you use the GetPageDataList method. Then, you filter based on the Culture property, the LocalizationStrategy, theNodeType, and theRootNodeId. As a result, you get all pages for the specified language.

Use the following code sample:

Fluent API

To get all live pages, you use the plural facade to get all page nodes. Then, you filter based on the NodeType property and the PageData object.

Use the following code sample:

Using Sitemap API

In a multilingual setup, you can query pages from the sitemap only for specific languages. Also, you can get the different translated versions of the same page. To do these, perform the following:

  1. Set the culture for which you want to query the pages using CultureRegion class.
  2. Enumerate the sitemap nodes and get only the PageSiteNodes.
  3. For each such page node, use AvailableLanguages to query its available languages.

Use the following code sample:

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