Built-in widgets

To display content you use widgets. The widgets are controls, which you drop on the page (in page content editing mode) and configure them to display already existing content. If you do not create content first, the widgets have nothing to display. You create content using the content modules on the Content tab. For more information, see Content: Create and manage website content.

You display the content you have created with these content modules using the widgets. You can configure the widgets to display different part of content, by combining widgets and by tagging and classifying content. You display the content you have created on Content tab using widgets.

Sitefinity CMS toolbox

All built-in widgets are available in Sitefinity CMS toolbox. The toolbox is displayed in the right pane in page-editing mode. You can register your own widgets in the toolbox or hide existing widgets using role-based permissions.

Configuring widgets while browsing the website

You can create, edit, and upload content while you are browsing the website. You do not need to open the website in the backend; you can use the inline editing function to edit your website directly while browsing it. Using the direct inline editing, you can see how the items you are editing look in the context of the website.

For more information, see Inline editing.

Adding custom widgets to the toolbox

If the build-in Sitefinity CMS widgets do not meet your requirements, you can create and use custom widgets. If you have a custom widget that you want to use in Sitefinity CMS, you must first register the widget in the toolbox.

For more information, see Register a new widget in Sitefinity CMS toolbox.

For more information about automatic generation of meta keywords and description, see SEO: Automatic generation of Meta keywords, Meta description, and Meta title tags.

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