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Working with content-heavy websites may pose challenges, such as the organization and findability of the content, management and workflow, as well as collaboration between team members. With Sitefinity CMS, you can manage content on content item level, content type level, as well as content at scale with complexity of tasks and options it implies. The following table outlines the actions you can perform when managing content:


Content Actions
Content item 
  1. From the list, select the content item.
  2. From the Actions menu, choose what action to complete, for example, Unpublish
Content type 
  1. From the Content menu, select the content type you want to modify the settings of.
  2. Click the settings icon and modify any setting, for example, Custom fields
Content at scale and bulk actions 
  1. From the Content menu, select a content type, for example, News.
  2. Select two or more items.
    Under News, you can see how many items you selected.

    NOTE: You can click Select all to bulk edit all items in the list.

  3. From the Bulk actions menu, select what action to complete, for example, Send for translation.

    NOTE: You can see the Send for translation action only if you are working in multilingual environment.

Bulk content operations

Content at scale may require operating simultaneously with large volumes of different types of content. Bulk operations come in handy when you need to publish or send for translation 50 news items, for example. With a single click you can select all items and perform an operation.

For example, you can publish or unpublish an individual item, or, via bulk actions, publish any number of items simultaneously. Or, you can set the permissions to edit a specific blog post or for all blog posts.

The following video demonstrates bulk operations on content items in Sitefinity CMS:

NOTE: You can also bulk edit, move, and delete media content. For more information, see Media content.

Define content workflow

In Sitefinity CMS, you can create a workflow for managing the lifecycle of content items and pages. You do that by creating first and second level of approval for content items and pages, or by uploading your custom workflow. For more information, see Overview: Content lifecycle and workflow.

Share and reuse content

Content you create is by default shared between pages on your site. You can place a widget on any page and display the respective content for example, news. Content blocks are the only content types that can be unshared and displayed only on the page, on which the Content block widget is placed. In addition, Content blocks are not associated with any module.

You can also reuse content between pages and Sitefinity CMS sites. For more information, see Overview: Reuse content

Sort and filter content

Narrowing down the content you need to manage in Sitefinity CMS is quick and easy. The backend administration screens for each content type provide sorting options by alphabetic order, or by created and last edited timestamps. Advanced filtering  options enable you to not only filter by status and language, but also create custom filters that aggregate complex criteria. For example, you can filter simultaneously by category, tag, and date range.

The following video demonstrates the Sitefinity CMS content sorting and filtering capabilities:


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