Display, sort, filter, and find videos

The Videos page displays all created video libraries. To view videos in a library, click it.

Display images by libraries

To display videos only from a specific library, click the library thumbnail in the right side of Videos page.

Changing the display mode of images

You can toggle between a thumbnail view and a list view of the videos by clicking the Thumbnails view and List view toolbar buttons.

Filter videos

To display the filtering options, click Filter videos.

  • Filter by ownership.
    To display videos, uploaded only by your user, in the right side of Videos page, click My videos link under Filter videos.
  • Filter by workflow status.
    You can filter videos by their status. For example, Published or Draft.
    For more information, see Workflow statuses.
  • Filter by classifications.
    You can also filter videos by categories, tags, and custom classifications.
    If you have added a custom classification field to videos, it appears in the filter options. For more information, see Overview: Custom fields.
  • Filter by date. 
    To filter videos by the date they were modified, click by Date…
    The Display Videos modified in… pane appears.
    • When you click a time interval, the system displays all the videos modified during this time interval. The last modified are the first in the list. You can further sort them.
    • To display videos modified during some custom period of time, click Custom range… link.
      To define a custom filtering interval, use the From and To input fields.
      Click Filter.
    • To go back to all filtering options, click Close dates link.
      The system displays all filtering options, but displays the last filtering you have chosen until you choose something else or until you refresh your screen by pressing F5.

Sort videos

You can sort videos using the Sort videos dropdown box in the toolbar of the page.
There are the following sorting options:

  • Last uploaded on top
    Sorts videos in descending order according to the time of upload.
  • Last modified on top
    Sorts videos in descending order according to time of modification.
  • Custom sorting...
    A window appears where you perform the following:
    1. Select sorting criterion from the dropdown box and choose between Ascending and Descending order in the radio button.
    2. You can also and add more than one criterion by clicking Add another sorting rule link and you can remove sorting criteria by clicking Remove link.
    3. When you are finished, click Save.
      The system sorts the videos according to the custom sorting.
    4. To edit a custom sorting that you have created, select Edit custom sorting… from the Sort videos dropdown box.

Searching for videos

To search for a particular video, use the search option.

  1. Click the Search… button in the toolbar.
    A search field opens.
  2. Enter the name or part of the name of the video you are searching for.
    The search field is case insensitive.
  3. Click Search.
    A list of results matching your search appears.
    To return to the list of all videos, click Close search button in the toolbar.

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