Use eWAY payment processor

When you have chosen eWAY as a payment method's payment processor in Create payment methods, you need to configure and run a successful test before you attempt a live configuration.

NOTE: eWAY only operates in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Setting up a test configuration

  1. Sign up and register at
    Take note of your Customer ID.  
  2. On Create a payment method page, select the one or more credit cards that you are going to accept on this account..
  3. Select the Mode: Test option.
  4. In Gateway URL, enter
  5. In Eway Customer Id, enter the Customer ID provided by eWAY.
  6. In Timeout, enter 30000.
  7. Clear the option This payment method is active.
  8. Click Create this payment method.

Transitioning to a live configuration

After you have tested eWAY and you are ready to move your website into production, configure eWAY to work in live mode, as follows:
  1. Select the Mode: live option.
  2. Change the URL to
  3. Click Save changes.

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