Sample add-ons

DevMagazine website

This website showcases how you can use the MVC framework of Sitefinity CMS to build an entire website from scratch. The site is made with mobile responsive design and demonstrates the use of both built-in widgets, such as news and navigation, and the use of the framework by developers and designers. The website utilizes the ability of MVC to encapsulate frontend packages for delivering responsive design and defining all styling rules, while having a lot of core benefits of MVC such as simplified dependency injection, use of content locations service for resolving items’ locations, kaster and detail view functionality, etc.

In Sitefinity CMS GitHub repository, you can find the following sample add-ons:

  • DevMagazine website
    You can export the entire site as an add-on
  • OauthExternalAuthentication add-on
  • Conferences add-on

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