Sitefinity .NET Core samples

Sitefinity data widget

In many cases your custom .NET Core widget need to get and display some items from Sitefinity CMS backend. Using this sample, you can create an ASP.NET Core widget that works with different types of content persisted in Sitefinity CMS modules, such as News items, Content blocks, dynamic and media items.

To accomplish this, your custom ASP.NET Core widget must use OData calls to interact with Sitefiity CMS. 
You can achieve this using the provided HttpClientFactory for working with OData services.

GITHUB EXAMPLE: To create the widget, use Sitefinity data widget sample on Sitefinity GitHub repository.

Custom layout sample

This sample demonstrates how to setup a custom layout file that you can use as a base template for building your .NET Core application.

GITHUB EXAMPLE: To create the template, use Custom layout sample sample on Sitefinity GitHub repository.

Hello world widget

This sample demonstrates how to create a ViewComponent that will be used to display a configurable message. The sample is explained in more detail in Create a custom .NET Core widget.

GITHUB EXAMPLE: You can find the whole sample in Sitefinity GitHub repository » Hello world widget.

Form widget

GITHUB EXAMPLE: To create a custom form widget, use Form widget sample on Sitefinity GitHub repository.

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