Configure form widgets

You use form widgets to populate forms with content. Form widgets are added to a form in the same way as regular widgets are added to a page. For more information, see Add widgets on pages and templates.

When you open a form to edit its content, click Content in the right panel to list the widgets.

Drag a widget from the content list, and then drop it into an area of the form. In the upper right of the new widget, click Edit to configure it. Note that the Submit button widget is automatically added by the system when you drop the first widget in the form.

Adding custom widgets to the forms toolbox

If the build-in Sitefinity CMS form widgets do not meet your requirements, you can create and use custom widgets. If you have a custom form widget that you want to use in Sitefinity CMS, you must first register the widget in the toolbox.

For more information, see Register a new widget in Sitefinity toolbox.

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