Backend user preferences


Using the New user experience, you can set individual preferences for your account in Sitefinity CMS backend.

You can set your preferences in the backend by clicking your user icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
In the dropdown box, click Preferences.

General settings

You can turn on and off the following settings:

  • Onboarding tips
    Turning on and off this setting controls whether you see the contextual help tips in the backend. 

    NOTE: When you reset this setting, you also reset already seen or skipped tips.

  • Stay on the same page after Publish
    This setting controls whether you are redirected or not to the respective grid after you click the Publish or the respective workflow button for a content item or page. 

    EXAMPLE: When you edit a News item, you can have the following options. Click Publish, the News is published, but you stay in edit mode. Click Publish, the News is published, and you are redirected to the News grid.
    The same logic applied when you are in a workflow and you click Send for approval or other respective button.

Accessibility settings

You can turn on and off the following settings:

  • Outline elements when navigating with keyboard
    This setting toggles the default browser outline on focused elements. This way, when you are navigating with the keyboard, it is visible which is the element that is currently focused.
  • Increase contrast
    This setting enables a high contrast theme.
    For more information, see How to Meet WCAG (Quick Reference).

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