Setup the Ecommerce pages

Products, shopping carts, and checkout procedures are how your customers interact with your website. Widgets are controls that you drop on pages to configure the ways that users will experience your ecommerce pages.   For more information, see Overview: Products and departments.

In order to add widgets to your pages, you first create the pages that you use throughout the store. For example, Login, Registration, ProductList, ProductDetail, ShoppingCart, Checkout, Orders, Invoice, and Confirmation.  

IMPORTANT: For all of your ecommerce pages, you must turn off caching. You must install SSL certificate on the website and you must configure your login, checkout, and any confirmation pages to require SSL. 

For more information about creating pages, see Pages: Structure functionality and appearance.
For more information about designing the page layout, see Apply page templates.
For more information about using widgets, see Add widgets on pages and templates.

Ecommerce widget group

The Ecommerce widget group contains widgets which you use to display the products, the shopping cart, and the checkout procedure. The selections are available in the Ecommerce widget group in the right pane in page editing mode.


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