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Frontend login is the page that your registered site users use to login when you require authentication for your site. For example, you may want all users who can leave comments to be logged in; or you can require everybody who checks out products to be registered and logged in. Your frontend login page is different than the login page that you use to login in Sitefinity CMS backend.

To organize login for your users, you must use the Registration widget and the Login widget. You must create a page where the login widget is located.

You must also configure the URL of the login page, so that each time a user must authenticate, Sitefinity CMS will redirect to the frontend login page. 

Single site frontend page configuration 

Set the URL of the frontend login page, by performing one of the following:

Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » Project » DefaultSite and fill out one of the following fields:

  • If you know the GUID of the frontend login page, enter it in FrontEndLoginPageId.
  • If you only know the URL of the frontend login page, enter it in FrontEndLoginPageUrl.

Multisite frontend login page configuration 

If you have multisite license, you can configure different frontend login page for each site.
Perform the following:

  1. In the upper-left corner of Sitefinity CMS backend, expand the site selector.
  2. Click Manage sites.
  3. Expand the Actions link of the site whose frontend login you want to configure and click Properties.
  4. Expand Advanced section.
  5. Under Address for public users login, click Select a page.
  6. From the list of pages, choose the page where you have placed the Login widget and click Done.
  7. Save your changes.

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