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To display MVC forms on your pages, you use the Form widget. When you place the Form widget on a page that is in Hybrid or Pure MVC mode, you select which MVC form to display.

PREREQUISITES: You created at least one MVC form item.

Select an MVC form to display

  1. Open the Forms widget designer.
  2. In the Form tab page, either select a form from the list or narrow down the list by starting to type in the Search field.
  3. Click Save.

Configure form settings

Settings define custom actions that occur after a user submits the form. You can opt to use custom confirmation that enables you to select what happens after a form is submitted.

NOTE: If you do not select any option, the widget uses confirmation action that you defined in the form item. 

Choose one of the following:

  • Show message for success
  • Redirect to a page...

Configure advanced settings

In the Advanced settings section, you configure the individual properties of the widget. The model settings, specifically, display all properties directly bound to the Form widget model. Access these properties by clicking the Model button in Advanced settings.

  • AjaxSubmitUrl
    Gets and sets AJAX submit URL. Use only when UseAjaxSubmit is set to True.

  • CssClass
    Gets and sets an additional CSS class for the form wrapper element.

  • CustomConfirmationMessage
    Gets and sets custom confirmation message that would be displayed after successful submit of the form. Applicable only when CustomConfirmationMode is set to ShowMessageForSuccess.

  • CustomConfirmationMode
    Defines action after successful form submit:

    • ShowMessageForSuccess
    • RedirectToAPage
  • CustomConfirmationPageId
    Gets and sets ID of the page where the user will be redirected after successful submit of the form. Applicable only when CustomConfirmationMode is set toRedirectToAPage.

  • FormId
    Gets and sets ID of the form displayed in the widget.

  • UseAjaxSubmit
    Defines whether the form will be submitted with AJAX request.

  • UseCustomConfirmation
    Gets or sets whether to use custom confirmation action when the form is submitted successfully. If this setting is set to False then the default settings of the form item will be applied.

  • ViewMode
    Gets or sets the mode of the form

    • Write
    • Read

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