Query page templates

The examples below show you how to query the following:

Finding a page template by ID

To find a specific page template by ID, you use the GetTemplate method: 

Please note that Sitefinity CMS comes with 8 Page Templates installed on the initialization of the site. You can find them by using the SiteInitializer.

Finding a page template by title

To find a specific template by its title, first, you use the GetTemplate method. Then you filter based on the Title property: 

Get all back-end templates

To get all back-end page templates, first, you use the GetTemplates method. Then, you filter based on the IsBackend property: 

Get pages by template

To get pages by a specified template you must first get an instance of the PageManager. Then, you must get an instance of the specified template. To get the pages using this template, call the Pages extension method of the PageTemplate instance. This extension method is located in the Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Pages namespace. Here is a code example:

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