Query, modify, and delete a localized department

Query localized departments

The For developers: Query departments article shows how to query departments by ID, name, and title. When working with localized departments, the most suitable way is to query them either by the value of their ID property, or by the value of their Name property. Note that both properties are not localized. Do not query content items by properties of type LString.

Modify localized departments

If you are not updating any of the LString properties, you can follow the same steps as when For developers: Modify departments. If you want to update the values of the localized properties, follow the steps in the Translating department section in this topic.

Delete localized departments

To delete a localized department, follow the same steps as when For developers: Delete departments.

To delete a translation of a localized department, you must perform the same as when deleting the whole localized department. However, you need to additionally pass the culture of the specified translation to the DeleteItem method.

Here is a code example:

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