Web services

Sitefinity CMS introduces a RESTful Web Services API, which allows you to create and consume content from your website using the OData protocol. The main benefits of using these services are the following:

  • Support for multiple RESTful API services
  • User-friendly UI for configuration of the services
  • Control over the set of content types that are exposed
  • Option to allow anonymous access per profile or type
  • Easy access to related data
  • Auto-generated API reference
  • Support for saved queries and calculated fields 

Sitefinity' s web services come with a client JavaScript SDK. The SDK comes with the package sitefinity-webservices-sdk.

The SDK can be used in web or mobile applications.

Supported content

Using Sitefinity CMS UI, you can include in your web service the following types of content:

  • News items
  • Blogs and Blog posts
  • Events and Calendars
  • Images and Image libraries
  • Videos and Video libraries
  • Documents and Document libraries
  • Lists and List items
  • Comments
  • Dynamic content
  • Shared content blocks
  • Flat and Hierarchical taxonomies
  • Folders
  • Pages

Detailed API reference

For each created web service, Sitefinity CMS generates an API reference. 

  1. To access it, navigate to Administration » Web services.
  2. Click the Use in your app link of the respective service.

NOTE:You can also access the docs via /<route-URL>/<your-service-URL>/sfhelp


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