Client side content locations API


This interface is a WCF service contract that provides way to manipulate content locations from a client. You can get all locations for a given type and provider or get the locations for one particular item. The difference is that one particular item cannot match the filters of all of the locations.

When you get locations, you receive a WcfContentLocation item. The result is in JSON format.
You can change the location priority by moving it up or down, in order to change which location will be the default for a given group of items. The default location is the one that holds the canonical URL and all other locations will have the canonical URL link that points to that location. It is used to open the items of that group for preview.


This class holds the information for content locations items – it contains the location ID, the site this location belongs to (for multisite editions only), the status of the location (the page lifecycle status), and the priority of the location. The default content location for a given item is the one with the lowest number for priority - it is the first by order.

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