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NOTE: Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) was renamed to Sitefinity Insight as a part of the Sitefinity 13.0 release. However, Sitefinity CMS and its documentation prior to version 13.0 continue using the former name - Digital Experience Cloud.

By connecting your Sitefinity CMS instance to the Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC), you empower your marketing and sales teams to track user behavior on your site, visualize data in meaningful reports, and profile your audience to create impactful content and succeed in your company’s business and marketing goals.

For more information, see Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.

In case you are working in multisite environment, you can choose to track the sites within your Sitefinity CMS instance together or in dedicated data centers. You can also track sub-domains of sites. For more information, see Connect to Digital Experience Cloud.

NOTE: With DEC, you have the option to store your data on different deployments. You can choose between servers hosted in the United States or in the Netherlands in the European Union (EU). For more information, see DEC deployment options.

  1. You have a Sitefinity CMS Online Marketing Edition or Sitefinity CMS Enterprise Edition license. For more information, contact
  2. You have a Sitefinity DEC account. For more information, see Access DEC.

Enhance content personalization in Sitefinity CMS

In addition to tracking user behavior and interactions, the Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud connector enhances content personalization in Sitefinity CMS by enabling you to serve personalized content in Sitefinity CMS to contacts representing, or associated to, a certain persona or that are part of a certain campaign you created in Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud.

NOTE: In multisite environment, you collect and analyze data from different Sitefinity CMS sites in different data centers in Digital Experience Cloud. Thus, Sitefinity CMS personalization data is also leveraged in the data centers, to which the respective sites are associated.

For more information, see:

To enable or disable these features, navigate to Administration » Connector for Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud  and open the Feature settings tab page. By default, the features are enabled.

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