NOTE: Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) was renamed to Sitefinity Insight as a part of the Sitefinity 13.0 release. However, Sitefinity CMS and its documentation prior to version 13.0 continue using the former name - Digital Experience Cloud.

In today's digital world, the digital footprint of every person is growing rapidly and shaped through different experiences on your site. As a result, as a marketing professional, you need to communicate with the right customers, at the right time, through the right channels. You need to integrate in your marketing efforts not only communication skills but also more customer-centric and data-driven strategic expertise and responsibilities.

With Sitefinity CMS, you can identify the key characteristics of your audience and deliver personalized content to specific user segments and then measure results through Sitefinity CMS analytics. You also retain and foster relationship with your customers through email campaigns and subscriptions.

Personalization allows you to deliver different content to different types of users (user segments). You can build set of rules on which the user segments are based. You can then create different versions of the pages of your website.

You use Sitefinity CMS Analytics module to track your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. The module consists from various reports and indicators that give you statistics for the visits and the visitors of your website, the way they reach it and use it, and more.

Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

With Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, you benefit from technological innovation combined with steadfast marketing techniques and competence and an interface, presenting you all gathered data in meaningful reports. Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud combines an array of marketing features, such as engagement and conversion tracking, predictive analytics, scoring and profiling, and others, thus making it an innovative solution to profile and track your audience to create impactful personalized content and succeed in your company’s business and marketing goals.

Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is integrated with Sitefinity CMS out-of-the-box and you can personalize content in Sitefinity CMS based on personas and campaign you create in the cloud.

For more information how to connect and benefit from the features of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, see:

For more information about licenses or about getting a trial version of Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud, contact sitefinitysales@progress.com

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