Horizontal navigation

The system displays links to the pages horizontally (one next to the other). There is no hierarchy (no links to children pages).

In Fine tune the selected type area, select one of the following:

  • Top level pages
    The Navigation widget displays links to pages that are at top level in the structure of pages and have no parent.
  • All pages under particular page
    The system displays links to pages that are children of only one particular page.
    1. To select the page, click Select page button.
    2. In the treeview that appears, select the parent page and click Done selecting.
  • Custom selection of pages…
    The system displays links only to pages which you select.
    1. To select pages for the navigation, click Select pages button.
      The Select Pages window appears.
    2. Select one of the following tabs:
      • From this site
        In the treeview that appears, select the checkboxes of the pages, which you want to be part of the navigation.
      • From other sites
        1. Enter the URL of the page.
        2. In Name input field, enter the name to be displayed in the navigation.
        3. Click Add button.
          The page is added to the list of external pages.
        4. You can add as many pages as needed. To remove a page, click the respective button.
    3. When finished, click Done selecting.
    4. NOTE: You can select both external pages and pages from Sitefinity.
  • To apply a CSS, click Design settings.
    • You can choose a class name for each navigation, if later you want to set a CSS for this particular navigation. Enter the name in Wrapper CSS class input field.
    • If you want to apply a template that is different from the predefined, enter the path to the template. You must have uploaded the template in your project templates. For more information, see Website templates file structure.

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