Email message jobs

Each message job contains the information required for a message to be sent – actual message text, sender information, and recipient(s). The IMessageJobRequest interface defines the information needed for sending a message. The MessageJobRequestProxy class provides the implementation and you can use where the interface is required.

The processing of message jobs is an asynchronous operation - you are receiving the control immediately after calling the Notification service SendMessage method.

Creating a message job and sending it for execution

There are several ways that you can use to create a message job, depending on the settings you require, the sent content, and to the recipients. Here's a sample with minimum amount of code:

When you must create a mailing list before you send a message, you have two alternatives - create explicitly the mailing list or use dynamic mailing lists. For more information, see Mailing lists.

To create a mailing list before sending message, use the following code:

To use dynamic mailing lists, without explicitly creating one, use the following code:

In order to convert an existing mailing list into a dynamic subscription list, you can use the following code sample:

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