Common operations

Get the total count of the elements in a collection

Request type: GET

Format: {{baseurl}}/api/default/{{entity}}/$count

If you want to know how many items meet a condition, you can use the $count path segment.

Pagination over a collection

Request type: GET

Format: {{baseurl}}/api/default/{{entity}}?$skip={{itemstoskip}}&$top={{itemstotake}}

You can apply pagination for the results returned form Sitefinity web services using the $skip and $top system query options and specifying the number of items you want to retrieve. You can also combine paging and other filtering and sorting options. For example, to retrieve total count of a collection of news items, sort it by Title and get the first items form the collection must use:$orderby=Title asc&$skip=0&$top=2&$count=true

Get only selected fields of an item

Request type: GET

Format: {{baseurl}}/api/default/{{entity}}({{item_with_taxon_id}})?$select=Title, Tags

To get the value of selected fields for an item, use the $select operator and specify the names of the desired fields.

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