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In Sitefinity CMS you can have different profiles for users. One user can have, for example, a forum profile and a blogger profile. With different profile, you can use Profile widgets to display different information for users or different groups of users.

You manage user profiles on Profile types page.
To open the page, on Users page, in the right of the page, click Manage Profile types.

Sitefinity CMS comes with a default profile called Basic profile. You can edit the fields displayed in this provider. For example, you can insert a Middle Initial field or remove the First name field. When you create new profiles, the fields from the new profiles are added to the basic profile.

EXAMPLE: You have the Basic profile and in addition, you have created a Blogger profile. You have edited the Basic profile, so that it displays only the default fields for username, password, and email. To the Blogger profile, you have added a custom field, named Nickname.

NOTE: If you want to have a separate form for a profile type, you must add a new membership provider and, when creating the profile type, assign it to this provider.

Display different profile types

To display different profile types you use the Users widgets.

For more information, see Users widgets.
For more information about adding widgets on your page, see Add widgets on pages and templates.

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