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To setup the Continuous Delivery process, you must first setup your development environment, then copy the code to your live and test environments, using export for deployment. Afterwards, to protect the live and test environments, you should make its configurations read-only and configure the SiteSync to synchronize content only. You must also use the Auto-storage mode of configurations on all of your environments, which takes care that environment configurations are delivered easily between environments, while runtime setting are not overwritten.

Recommended environment settings

In order for the Continuous delivery process to work, your environments have to be set up accordingly. 
The following diagram demonstrates the required settings:

Continuous delivery - Recommended settings

For more information, see Deployment mode.
For more information, see Storage modes of configurations.
For more information, see Read-only mode of configurations.
For more information, see Configure SiteSync for Continuous delivery.
For more information see Export and deploy code changes.

Determine your current setup

Before you setup the Continuous delivery process, answer the following questions: Do you want to use SiteSync to synchronize content between your Staging and your Live environments?

Depending on your answers, you can have the following setup scenarios:

  • Standard Continuous delivery setup
  • Setup Continuous delivery with SiteSync

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