Main chart and Traffic source indicators

Main chart

In this area the system plots an indicator's values against time.

  • You can display different indicators by clicking them in the Traffic sources summary section or by selecting them in the dropdown menu next to the title of the main chart.
    By default the system displays an area chart of the Visits indicator.
  • You can also change the time interval for which the system displays data using the Select the time interval section and the grouping of data using the Grouping of data button.

When you hover over a specific point in the chart, the system displays the exact value of the indicator in this specific day, week, or month.

Traffic source indicators

Following the main chart, is section Traffic sources summary. You use this section to view key indicators for the sources of traffic for your website.

In addition to the total number of visits, the Traffic source overview page displays the following indicators:

Indicator  Description 
Direct traffic visits These are visits by people who clicked a bookmark to visit your site or directly entered your URL in their browser.

Part of those visitors could be visitors recruited by an offline campaign, such as TV commercial.

Referring site visits These are visits by people who reached your website by clicking a link in another site.
Search engine visits These are visits by people who reached your website through a search engine result page.

For each indicator the system displays an overview chart next to the indicator.
You can view a detailed area chart by clicking the indicator's overview chart. The system displays the values in the main chart of the Traffic sources overview page.

For example, if you click the overview chart of Referring site visits indicator, the detailed chart of the indicator is displayed in the main chart of the Traffic sources overview page.

To display the detailed page of each indicator, you must click the indicator itself. The system opens the indicator's detailed report, which contains the detailed area or stacked area chart for this specific indicator for the chosen time interval together with some of the main indicators and additional details. The detailed reports for the traffic sources indicators can be opened by expanding the Traffic sources node in the navigation.

For more information, see Traffic sources detailed reports.

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