Delete lists

Sitefinity CMS allows you to delete lists through the Lists API.

When deleting a list, you must perform the following:

  1. Get the list.
    First, you get the list corresponding to the specified ID.
    For more information about querying lists, see For developers: Query lists and For developers: Find lists.
  2. Delete the list.
    After you get the list, you delete it.
  3. Save the list.
    Finally, you must save the changes.

To delete a list you can use the Native API or the Fluent API.

Delete a list by its ID

The following examples delete a list by its ID:

Native API

First, you initialize the ListsManager. Then, you get the list using GetLists and filtering based on the Id property. To delete the list, you call the DeleteList method. Finally, you save the changes.

Fluent API

First, you initialize the plural facade of the list using App.WorkWith().Lists(). Then, you filter based on the Id property to assure that the list exists. To get the list, you use the singular facade. To delete the list, you use the Delete method of the facade. Finally, you save the changes.

NOTE: If there is no list with the specified ID, List(listId) throws an exception of type ItemNotFoundException.

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