Extend Sitefinity CMS data model: Reference the required assemblies

After you Extend Sitefinity CMS data model: Create the class library, you must add the required assemblies that you need for extending the Sitefinity CMS model. You can download all required Sitefinity CMS assemblies from the official Sitefinity CMS NuGet Repository. Upon package installation, references to the assemblies are automatically added to your project.

Requires system assemblies

The CustomTypes project requires the following system assemblies:

  • System
  • System.Runtime.Serialization
  • System.Web
  • System.Web.ApplicationServices
  • System.Web.Extensions

Required Sitefinity CMS NuGet packages

In addition to system assemblies, make sure your project refers to the following Sitefinity CMS NuGet packages:

  • Telerik.Sitefinity.Core.nupkg
  • Telerik.DataAccess.Core.nupkg
  • Telerik.DataAccess.Fluent.nupkg

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