Documents and files

You manage documents and files on the Documents & Files page.

To open the Documents & Files page, in the main menu in the upper part of the screen, click Content » Documents & Files.
The Documents & Files page appears, displaying a list of all created libraries together with actions you can perform on them.
Use this page to manage document libraries and upload and edit documents or files.

The following tables summarizes the main properties and actions for Documents and files.

Property/Action Description 
Widget to use and configure 
Display on pages  Display content on your website
Custom fields  You can add a custom field to all documents and files. To manage the custom fields of documents and files, on Documents & Files page, click Custom Fields link in the right pane of the page.
For more information, see Overview: Custom fields.  
Permissions  You can set permission for all documents, files, and libraries and you can set individual permissions for each document, file, or library. For more information, see Grant permissions for content.  
Link and embed  Link or embed media and documents
Libraries  Document and file libraries

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