Display and order videos in a video library

Display and edit the videos of a single library

  • To display all video and sub-libraries in a library, on Videos page, click the library whose videos you want to display.
    All videos in the library appear.
  • To edit the videos in the library, perform procedure Edit videos.
  • To go back to all libraries click All libraries link above the toolbar or in the main menu, click Content » Videos.

Order videos in a library

  1. To order the videos in a library on Videos page, click the library whose videos you want to reorder.
    All videos in the library appear.
  2. Click Reorder videos button in the toolbar of the page.
    The Reorder videos page appears.
  3. You reorder videos by dragging the videos thumbnails in the desired order.
  4. When you are finished, click Save changes.

    NOTE: You can also reorder videos using the Display, sort, filter, and find videos procedure.

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