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You have a website whose visitors are software developers. On your home page, you have an MVC Events widget and you want to display events to users, depending on their location. You want to show events near New York to site visitors from New York.

You can achieve this, in the following way:

  1. For all of the locations that you want to cover, create a respective tag for the location.
    For example, New York, London, Paris, etc.
  2. When you create events, tag them with their locations tag.
  3. Create one user segment for each locations, so that users coming from the specified location belong to the segment.
  4. Open your home page.
  5. Expand the More dropdown box of the Events widget and click Add personalized version.
  6. Select the desired segment.
    For example, select segment New York.
  7. Configure the Events widget to display only events tagged with the respective location tag.
    For example, only events tagged with tag New York.
  8. Perform this for every location that you want to personalize.

RESULT: When a user form New York opens your home page, Sitefinity CMS will display a list of events near New York City.

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