Subscribe to news items comments: Subscribe an email address to comments

After you create and Subscribe to news items comments: Register the new comment notifications strategy, you need to obtain the subscriber’s email address by using a form submit or a custom web service.

Next, subscribe to the respective thread type by using the Subscribe method of the comment service that calls a method with the same signature from the currently registered ICommentNotificationsStrategy. To subscribe, copy the following code in the Bootstrapper_Bootstrapped method that you can use in the Global.asax file or, depending on your needs, in any widget, service, and so forth:

NOTE: Make sure you provide a valid value for subscriberEmail variable and then remove the quotation marks surrounding it.

You can optionally subscribe to comments that reflect your custom criteria. To do this:

  1. Drag and drop a Comments widget to a page.
  2. In the widget's Edit mode, open Advanced.
  3. In the ThreadType field, enter a name, for example MyCustomType.

As a result, every comment published in this Comments widget triggers email notifications for threads of type MyCustomType.

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