Send form data to external applications

Once you attract visitors to landing pages of your website, you need to convert these prospects to leads. The principal goal of campaign landing pages is to collect visitor data and to accomplish this, you usually use online forms. By filling in forms on your pages and providing their contact details, visitors not only become leads but also give you enough information to help you deliver relevant and personalized experiences.

With Sitefinity CMS, you can not only easily create new landing pages with forms but also connect the dots and data across systems. This means you can capture and accumulate the data from the Sitefinity CMS forms visitors fill in, for example, Contact us or Register. Thus, you pass contact details to external applications, you enrich contact profiles, deliver effective campaigns, and nurture leads.

To do this, you need to connect a Sitefinity CMS form, built with Sitefinity CMS form builder, to the external application you are using and then match form fields to the respective form fields or contact properties of that application. The following sections give you information about how to send form data to:

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