Send email notifications on content promoted

You can configure the SiteSync module to send email notifications when it completes promoting content to the destination environment. You can send notifications to a predefined list of email subscribers. To enable SiteSync sending email notifications you must configure a notification profile and enable the sending of email notifications with this profile. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Notifications -> Profiles
  2. Select the desired profile you want to use with SiteSync for sending notifications, and make sure it is properly configured. For more information about configuring notification profiles see Configure notification profiles.
  3. Go to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> SiteSync -> Notifications
  4. Check the Enabled checkbox – this setting controls whether the option to send email notifications for a content promotion operation is visible
  5. Set the SenderProfile field to the name of the notification profile previously defined in step 2.
  6. Click on Save changes

As a result, when selecting which content to be promoted via SiteSync you will be able to define a list of emails to send notification after the operation completes.

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