Events logged by the audit module

The Audit trail module logs the following events:

  • Create, update, and delete operations for the following data types:
    • Blogs and Blog posts 
    • Calendars and Events
    • Content blocks
    • Document libraries and Documents 
    • From the Ecommerce module:
      • Attributes and Attribute values
      • Products
      • Variations
    • Image libraries and Images 
    • Lists and List items 
    • News items 
    • Forms
    • Page templates and Pages 
    • Widget templates 
    • Taxonomies and Taxa 
    • Video libraries and Videos 
    • Dynamic content types
  • System changes
    • Create, update, and delete operations for users and roles
    • User login and logout
    • Profile create, update, and delete operations
    • Role assigned and unassigned
    • Configuration changes - changes in section’s name is logged, but not the old and new values

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